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Alex & Matt

The photography was really important to us and one of the first things we booked. I came across On Love and Photography when one of my brides and good friend Sarah showed me her wedding photos. I was instantly in love with their soft, honest style and delicate touch. I always knew they would be my choice for our wedding. They seemed to be omnipresent but totally inconspicuous, meaning they captured genuine moments in a natural way. They worked so hard, and at our request they were happy to stay and document the entire celebration rather than packing up after the first dance. 


Laura & Rob

Our amazing photographers were Ben and Giulia of On Love and Photography. We knew them through my sister’s wedding where they created the most dreamy, hazy, romantic shots for their special day. We absolutely had to use them, especially since Giulia is Italian! We knew we wanted the day to be recorded but hate weddings where the bride and groom disappear for hours on end to pose for photographs! I created a moodboard of shots we’d seen and liked and then asked them if they would document our wedding in a more reportage style - less posing, very few group shots but LOTS of spur of the moment photographs and just really trying to capture the essence of the day. I can only say they over delivered and (in the very nicest possible way) we barely registered that they were there and yet somehow they captured every little detail beautifully.

Lauren & John

Thankfully Giulia and Ben our wedding photographers from On Love and Photography captured the warmth of the people and their photos reflect everything I can’t describe in words, we were so so lucky to find them. They even managed to catch a snap of John and I on our favourite bench with the local dog Lilo who is sat by that bench every year we visit. 

Benita & Matt

The most amazing photographers we could have asked for. Once we saw Giulia and Ben’s previous work we knew we had to have them for our big day. It felt like we had two friends with us the whole day, making us feel comfortable throughout and understanding the kind of mood and atmosphere we were looking to create.They were great from start to finish and the final images couldn’t have been better.

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